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Presentazione del libro “Emisfero Sud”

Dopo la bella serata del 13 aprile a Spinone, si torna a parlare di Emisfero Sud e del mio viaggio in Nuova Zelanda.

Venerdì 13 settembre alle ore 20.30, infatti, presenterò il mio libro presso la sala consigliare del comune di Zandobbio (BG). Oltre a raccontare parte della mia esperienza e a rispondere alle vostre domande, ci sarà anche l’opportunità di un breve firmacopie a conclusione di serata!

Vi aspettiamo numerosi!

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Hic et Nunc


È con gran piacere che vi annuncio l’uscita di EMISFERO SUD, il reportage dei miei quattro mesi in Nuova Zelanda.

Il libro è disponibile in versione cartacea sullo store di Amazon e in versione e-book sullo store di StreetLib, di Mondadori, Feltrinelli e tanti altri distributori.

Hic et Nunc


While I was traveling, there were a few moments when I thought that I shouldn’t have gone back home. Something kept me away from Italy and let me believe that staying wouldn’t have been so bad after all.
Sometimes we find ourselves fascinated by new things and we end up trapped in our own enthusiasm. Well, it wasn’t different for me. I had similar feelings many times, despite my reason kept saying me: «This is not home».

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Italy – New Zealand: Throwback

9 PM, February 27th 2018, Malpensa Airport

There was a long line checkin’ in. Voices of departing flights came out of the speakers. Hasty travelers ran from here to there dragging heavy luggages covered in plastic, and swearing in multiple languages.
Artificial lights illuminated the grey atmosphere in that cold winter night. Lost inside the wide spaces of the airport, I was getting ready for the departure.
Everything I cared about in that moment was a tasty pizza on my plate, Mohamed’s silly jokes and my own stupid effort to hide every symptom of anxiety.

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